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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Save a soul

Good day to you,

I am Mrs.Julie Lee, the wife of late Mr Thomas Lee.I have suffered maltreatment and untold hardship in the
hands of my late husband's family, since the death of my husband with my son and daughter in a car crash.
By tradition, all that my late husband had, [wealth] belongs to his brothers/family. And myself is to be
remarried by his immediate younger brother which I vehemently refused. They have taken all that I suffered
with my husband to acquire including treasures, houses and his bank particulars seized by them.I wanted
to escape to another country but again they conspired and stole my international passport and other traveling document to further frustrate me.

I have suffered cancer of the esophagus for almost 7 yrs now and my health is very bad and the doctor said i have a few weeks to live.My late husband deposited a safe deposit box valued at $7.5 with a Security company based in Europe. It has therefore, become very necessary and urgent to contact someone, a foreigner like you to help me receive/secure these funds overseas in a reliable bank Account (presumably an empty Bank Account, if available) and to use this money to help the needy .

Thank you and God bless.

Stay blessed.
Mrs Julie Lee

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Team Weston 2014!

Hello Friends,
Please see the attached document and keep up with our exciting adventures in 2014!

Jump like you mean it,

Whitney Weston Eventing
(541) 784-8403

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WHAT...A...SPRING (the rollercoaster of my life)

Yes oh yes ladies and gentlemen.....The gypsy horse life never disappoints. It may not always be trophies and roses, but one thing is for sure: my life is never ever boring.

Amazing excitement at large competitions:

Then humbling moments when attempting to shower in the trailer:
Photo: I am happily showering after a long hot show weekend, look down, and find this 6 inches from my foot staring up at me. #horsetrailerlife
Note: "hand-sized" frog sharing the shower with me
The Dream Team: best and the brightest at BDJ ;)
Photo: My favorite group of people always reppin BDJ to the fullest
Elvis is the studly horse third from left

Simon and ECP love the night before our first CCI* together:
Photo: Simon all braided an ready for ocala fei tomorrow!!
Thank you ECP!!
Whitney Weston & Shining North Star CCI 1*
Check out the dressage test.....good boy!!!
Photo: Simeon's so beautiful! #shiningnorthstar #gorgeous #ottb
Proud pony after his dressage
photo by Leslie Grayson
I have some new and exciting sponsors to welcome to the team.....
Welcome Leslie Grayson!! 
I met Leslie at Rocking Horse trials. She lives nearby and often attends to take photos for her website: graysonhorseproductions.com. We had been facebook friends for a while and then she decided to become part of the team. I am forever grateful for her support and faith in our future!! Check out her website...she has a picture of Elvis and I on the homepage...so handsome ;)

I also want to put in a huge "thank-you" to a long-time friend and sponsor Adam Gerritsma. Adam is very technically gifted and his talents range from websites to photography and beyond. Check out these cool stickers he made for the Team....email me at wweventing@gmail.com if you would like me to send you some!!!
Cool stickers for your car or anything else!
Thank you to all my sponsors!!
Team Weston sponsor banners outside stalls at FEI barns at Red Hills!
And always in life there is sadness. Amidst training in Florida I lost my precious Gin Fizz while she was waiting for me in PA. She had a brain aneurysm one quiet morning and was gone. I miss my special little girl every day. I found her as a 6 yo in California with my good friend Hawley Bennett. She showed so much promise placing 9th in last year's CCI* out of over 60 horses, then moved up to Intermediate, winning a competitive division at HP of New Jersey and was planning for a two star this year. Fizz passed on monday april 8th, just a few days before I was due to show Simon at the Ocala FEI. This came as such a shock and so immediate, I really needed my friends around me to help pass through grieving and help me focus. Many thanks to those with me at that time during winter training: Lainey Ashker, Siobhain O'Conner, Amy Spink, Ev Enright, Lauren Sherrill, Luke and Kay Porter. Because of you and my supportive family I was able to focus on the lovely horses I still had, and give them everything I had left, 110%, and worked with Simon to a great result in the FEI.
love this girl
sparkly attitude
fancy mover
jump the moon!
I moved on from Florida winter training to accept a position at Ronald Zabala's Wiseguy's Farm. He had just acquired a beautiful 48 acre facility in West Grove PA. I have been working and riding there for 3 weeks now and feel right at home. There is always so much buzz working with the Saddle company (Wise Equestrian), the farm (Wiseguy's Farm) and the rehab spa (Wiseguy Shangri-La).
Wiseguy in the water-walker at Wiseguy's Shangri-La
View of the cross country field 
And as is consistent with the roller-coaster of my life; after settling in at Ronald's beautiful farm I injured my knee when a horse fell on me. Even growling loudly "don't fall on me!" and "get off my leg!" did not help change how the horse fell. This was one week before I was due to show Simon at Jersey Fresh two star. I was looked after by the best: The "Jockey Doc" Dr. Chris Lyons. Turns out a small tibia fracture and an MCL tear. While he wasn't happy to let me compete that week, I am going back for a follow up next week to see how soon I can compete!  I feel that something in the universe if forcing me to slow my life down a little, and I am accepting that as a blessing rather than ruining my plans for the season. Believe me...that was my first thought!! Second thoughts were: "I am very lucky the horse didn't fall on my pelvis or ribs, or head" and "at least its early in the summer and I can do Fairhill in the fall!!"
this medical band is now pinned up on my motivational board in the trailer!

With every sadness I find myself getting stronger, not that I no longer feel the pain of loss, but that I am able to find a grounded center quicker. This sport teaches life lessons at warp speed. I am more and more grateful for the things in my life; more appreciative of the people in my life. It makes me smile to know that everyone reading this is nodding their heads, especially those blessed (cursed? haha) to have horses as a driving force in their lives. To all of you: Much love and live every day, ride every ride, and jump every...

jump like you mean it!!


Monday, March 11, 2013

March Madness!

WOWZA. a Whirlwind of 6 competitions later, I FINALLY have found Internet solace at McDonalds whilst the great white Ford receives a well deserved oil change.

SO....instead of repeating all the amazing details and interesting antidotes I post daily on my facebook page (follow me at: https://www.facebook.com/whitney.weston.3 for a full fix) I will post some pics and highlights of the past month. Needless to say winter training has been amazing, inspiring, and the most challenging time of my life!

Just kidding......
Simon montage via Cynthia Lawler at Rocking Horse OI
Rocking Horse has been an amazing place to practice our craft before venturing out into the highly competitive FEI divisions. Although it seems alot more challenging than I remember from last year!
What an honor to make it into Red Hills magazine! The Lust-Bucket last year in the Advanced
Elvis learning the ropes: how to be a winning event horse! He has been doing great at training level and makes his preliminary debut in a few weeks!
One of my favorite signs at Red Hills
More amazing pics from Rocking Horse!
Simon at Red Hills CIC*, so excited we are now qualified for CIC** in a few weeks!
Red Hills was the first FEI international of the year. It did not disappoint with a huge crowd of 50,000 spectators, trade fair, huge atmosphere, security guards...the works. I am still wearing the wristband that allowed us into the stable area. I was so proud of Simon taking on that kind of excitement and going to work like a gentleman. The announcer said "watch these horses in the CIC* division, in four years you will be sure to see their names on teams competing for their countries". What an inspiration! No pressure Simon! I also learned that Simon and I make it onto the Tallahassee news the next day....have to get my hands on that tape!

Jump like you mean it,

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And training begins....

Happy January! After a month or so of trot sets, then going home for the holidays, I arrived back at Buck's Ocala farm with only a few days until the first competition of the year. With one show jump school under our belt that week, we felt a little rusty going into a prelim event that acted as our first cross country school! Simon, my cross country machine, did not disappoint and flounced around the course like a ballerina.

Photo: My odd little redhead who licks the dripping faucet even though he has beautiful full buckets in stall...
Simon, although excelling in his job as an event horse, causes me to doubt his survival skills when licking faucets instead of drinking out of his full and fresh water buckets....


It's true and heaven help us.....but I am so so excited for these boys! Both horses came from famous grand prix jumper, Aaron Vale's farm:

Photo: Adorable elvis ready for sj
Elvis is an 11yo Holsteiner who has done 4'6" jumpers and is now enjoying the luxurious life of an event pony. The goal is to do a one star this spring!

Photo: Cutest little coco nut ever! !!
Coco Nut: While not the most glamorous picture, I couldn't resist the cuteness!!
Photo: The perfect lust-bucket
Lusty is not amused or concerned by the presence of these new "annoying" additions to the team. She will continue to be fabulous and adorable. All other horses are "soooooo beneath her" ;)

Developments at home: I am still living in my horse trailer, but have incorporated two pink flamingos and a lawn gnome. My ultimate goal is to have a mini white picket fence and shrubbery...

This is a quick update much much more to come!!!

Jump like you mean it!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ocala Again!!!

I am so excited to return to Ocala, the birthplace of my east coast adventure!!! It was so nice to eat at my favorite local spot, the Horse and Hound and have the hostess greet me with "Well hello miss Whitney so nice to have you back!"

The horses are sound and healthy, chomping at the bit to get back into work (pun intended...yuk yuk yuk). I also saw Bruce again when he came over to Buck's to look at the new horses. He tousled my hair in greeting, like a puppy I loved the pat! It seems I am always in awe of the presence of the great Bruce Davidson Sr ;)

Enough chit chat, down to the fun media stuff: I recently did a promo video for ECP (Equine Comfort Products) for their amazing new Eventer Pad! Check it out below:

Also new and fun.....drumroll please....
2013 Sponsor Packet!!!!!

This document can be mailed to you hard copy in a beautiful folder with more info from the American Horse Trials foundation, just email me at wweventing@gmail.com and I am happy to oblige!

Jump like you mean it!!