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Friday, December 30, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Word from Whitney
The year is winding down with only a handful of competitions left, but never fear Westwood will be busy all year long! The track season ends soon and we will be taking a field trip up north to look for some new sales prospects! Keep in tune for new horses, we only pick out the best!
This month we will also see new working students, even from England!
Keep checking our new websites, soon to launch, as well as all the fabulous horses we will have for sale!
Also please check out our new sponsor, Ice Horse! Not only have they generously agreed to sponsor Team Weston, but they support the sport of Eventing at the Olympic level.
“Kick-On” riders!! !    -Whitney Weston
Check out Westwood Stables on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, and Blogger!!

After Rebecca Farms, the team took a week of much deserved rest! Then it was off to the races again at Woodside Horse trials in Woodside, CA. Whitney and Arwyn took Lusty and Ted to run in the open intermediate, leaving Baby Thomas at home to sit this one out. Both Ted and Lusty did well in dressage, with Ted sitting 4th in a very competitive division. The cross country was big and technical, a real test after Rebecca’s gallopey track. Lusty rocked around it with only a handful of time penalties, but Ted made it half way through before something began to bother him. Poor thing turns out one of his legs was bugging him, but what a heart to get that far around such a big course! Ted got the next day off to rest while Lusty jumped a double clear in show jumping to finish in 6th place!

Whitney and the team rested for a few days at Westwood before continuing north for Caber farms in Onalaska, WA. Lusty just ran the combined test so as to save her legs since she ran such a big course the weekend before. She did well in dressage and a double clear in show jumping. Whitney also had two students with her. Kalina rode Westwood’s school horse, Dena Marie, and Emily rode Tender Ack, one of Westwood’s own that she purchased the year before. Kalina and Dena did fantastically in their first recognized event, and Emily WON their division! Everyone at Westwood is pleased that one of our horses is doing so well with her new rider ;)

New Website Launching!
Make way for big and beautiful changes! Instead of Team Weston and Westwood Stables info all on one site, there will now be two websites. By visiting www.westwoodstables.com you will have the option to either enter the Westwood stables site, or team weston site! 

Westwood is thrilled to welcome a new pony to the lesson program! Percy is an experienced lower level eventer, a sweetie pie and loves to show new riders the ropes. He is a big boy and does adult lessons but is also very gentle for kids. Percy joins Bart and Dena in the program and is sure to feel quickly at home! Call the farm to set up a lesson today to meet Percy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Whidbey and Rebecca Farms!

Photo by Cheval Photos, www.chevalphotos.com

July was a whirlwind with Team Weston! It all began at the beginning of July when Whitney took Ted, Thomas, and Lusty to Whidbey Island HT in WA. Both Ted and Lusty were in the Open
Intermediate division, and Thomas in Beginner Novice. At the end of the weekend, Thomas won his division by a whopping 9 points, and Lusty placed 6th. Being the only rider with two horses in OI, Whitney only had 20 minutes in between her xc rides!

Whitney and the gang rested for a few days at Aspen Farms in WA before heading straight over to Rebecca Farms in MT. They arrived almost a week early so that the horses and could adjust to the change in temperature and increased altitude. The early arrival also gave Whitney the opportunity to train with Hawley Bennett, Jean Moyer, and Jonathan Elliott.

First it was Thomas’s time to shine. In the 4yo Young Event Horse test, the horses are judged on their ability to become a successful four-star horse. Thomas had to be perfectly groomed for a jog to judge his conformation, a dressage test to judge his movement, and a jumping test to judge his gallop, attitude and jumping ability. This test occurred in the short span of an hour! He performed beautifully, (despite drooling all over Whitney in the jog), and jumped all the scary cross-country fences to finish 4th place out of all the 4year olds!

 Cross country for Ted and Lusty were very interesting! Whitney and Lusty were the first out on
OI. There was an unpleasant suprise 5 fences from home that some spectator tape had been left up in the galloping lane! Whitney had to think quickly and gallop to the end of the tape then find their way back on the path! The ground crew finally took it down after the next rider ran through the tape!

While sitting at the finish inbetween he two rides, Whitney was interviewed asked to be interviewed by Samantha from Eventing Nation. Here is the result!


They finished well, with Ted in 12th and Lusty in 9th.  The team arrived home safely, ready to rest for 2 weeks before returning to CA for another round!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Aspen Farms Horse Trials!

I took Thomas, Ted, and Lusty up to Yelm, WA so I could do a little jumping and help the crew prepare for the show! Aspen is always one of the most exciting recognized events of the year. There are a ton of vendors, parties, and delicious catering for volunteers (major incentive;) After doing a ton of mulching, ponies were jumping well on tuesday, and had dressage lessons with the fabulous Jean Moyer on thursday. Lusty felt the best ever; moving forward and connected in all her gaits. For those of you following Ted's shoeing drama on my facebook page, we finally got everything sorted when professional event shoer Brian Strelow fixed Ted: he ran the whole weekend in his regular shoes with no lost shoes x-c!!! Ok, back to friday....
Day 1
We have been working very hard on Ted's counter-canter to walk transitions. He does canter-walk transitions very smoothly, but for some reason he has trouble keeping his hind end under him in the counter-canter for the walk transition. He warmed up so well, keeping in mind what we learned from Jean the day before. As we went down the center line, Ted puffed himself up and decided he was going to show off, what a handsome boy! He did the best test ever, fantastic lengthenings and transitions. I was so proud!
Next on to Lusty: I have to say we had the best warmup we have had together. It has been so wonderful getting to learn and grow with her. I feel like we are becoming a great team. We had some difficulties getting tense about halfway through the test, but all in all, I was thrilled with our progress.
Thomas had been a superstar all week as I had been treating him for tender soles. He was still a little footsore, but put in a solid test, scoring a 30, not bad for a 4 year old!
Tremaine Cooper put together one of the most challenging and intimidating intermediate courses I have seen in a while. I knew if Ted could get through this, we would be well on our way to qualifying for a two star. There were big galloping fences, angled coffin combinations, angled two strides, corner-corner lines....He was so good! I made a mistake and held too much on the upbank-bounce, so he ran out of steam ontop of the hill, but came right around and did it perfect the second time....gooood boy! Lusty decided that prelim was beneath her and shot out of the box like a bat out of hell. I had to do alot of managing on course so we ended up with time penalties, but I made a good decision as she behaved very well the second half and jumped much more safely.
For Thomas, the warmup was the most challenging. It seemed that all the other riders thought he had a target on his head and kept running into him! He would stop, spin, bolt, and take off bucking....so fun. Also the golf carts driving by were very threatening...apparently....Even so, Thomas was a little trooper in his second beginner novice course. It was pretty scary for the little thing: shiney barrels, slat tables, water and a ton of terrain. He was sure the photographers were going to eat him, so cute! By the end he had it all figured out and was taking fences in stride and relaxed.
Day 3
Early sunday morning, Ted was ready for a big and challenging course. He was very good and brave, jumping everything as best he could. We had a scary moment over a big wide orange oxar at fence 3, but we picked ourselves up on the backside and made the sharp turn to the skinny and finished the course! If anything, it was a true test in guts and tenacity, and I am sure we both passed. I never like to see 3 rails on my record, but I know it was a great first go for Ted's very first intermediate, good boy!
Lusty was a true pro in her show jumping, it felt like a hunter round. She is just a beautiful jumper and made every jump feel effortless. For Thomas, in our attempt to ward off eager beginner novice riders, my wonderful groom, Amy Spink, tied these cute red ribbons in his forelock and tail. Alas, the thought of freaking out a baby pony was too tempting for our competitors, and the ribbons proved ineffective after about 5 minutes :( Even so, he settled beautifully and jumped his round like a pro.

A great weekend at Aspen ended with Ted in 8th and Thomas in 3rd, winning some prize money in the Zeit Open Beginner Novice Challenge. Good ponies, good lessons, and ready to learn more at Inavale Trials in 2 weeks!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sponsor Logos on Team Weston Rig!

Hello friends and sponsors!
As a "thank you" to all the wonderful sponsors of Team Weston, I have a fantastic way for you to gain brand exposure while also showing your support for the team! The horses and I are on the road 18 weeks out of the year; traveling from northern Washington down the west coast to southern California, and as far east as Montana on our competition schedule. 
Our shiney rig is a beautiful F-450 Duelly that pulls a 40ft long gooseneck trailer with living quarters. Everyone recognizes us as we pull into the competition grounds, and with this offer everyone will recognize you too!
I would like to offer our Olympic sponsors professional screen printing on the trailer featuring your company. Attached are pictures of the rig, with suggested placement of your logo and information. Display locations numbered 1-17 are mapped out, but any suggestions and requests are welcome.
We welcome Olympic sponsors to email their logos and desired Display Numbers to westwoodstables@gmail.com for specific price quotes from the printer.Olympic sponsors will only be asked to pay for printing and application of the desired sign location. If you support Team Weston but are not an Olympic sponsor, please email westwoodstables@gmail.com to upgrade for this offer!
If you are not a sponsor of Team Weston, but are interested in joining, please see attached sponsor documents for more information.
With your logo on the Team Weston horsetrailer, you will get exposure to your potential client base at highly attended equestrian events by riders and spectators, as well as the general public on highways, gas stations, and service areas all over the west coast.

Have a great season, Kick-On riders!



Monday, May 2, 2011

April News!!

Twin Rivers
With only two weeks home after Galway Horse Trials, Westwood returned to California for Twin
Rivers horse trials. Whitney rode Royal Heights and Rock-On Rose. Lusty was so relaxed in the dressage, and Ted put in one of his best cross-country rides! The team happily returned to Oregon with an 8th and 12the place. The season in the Northwest begins the first weekend in May at the NWEC Mother’s Day Classic. Ted will move up to Intermediate, Lusty to Preliminary, and Thomas will do his first Beginner Novice!

Aspen Farms Derby
After success at Twin Rivers, Team Westwood turned northward the next friday to Aspen Farms in Yelm, WA. The competition offered dressage tests, show jump rounds and derby rounds in the cross-country field. This was a great opportunity to do a little tune up for Northwest Equestrian Center’s Mothers Day Classic the next weekend. Accelerate (baby Thomas) did fantastically in the derby, placing 3rd out of a large field. Ted WON his dressage division on a 29, and Lusty came in second with some of her best career dressage scores. All that relaxation practice must be working!!

Clinic Compete Oregon Part 1 a Success!
The first in the CCO series was held at Tipperary Farms on April 9-10. The clinic was well attending and had great reviews, everyone drove away with a better understanding of their horses, their riding, and the sport of eventing.
Sign up for the next CCO on June 18-19 by emailing westwoodstables@gmail.com!

Getting fit for the season is a chore, but I always look forward to a protein shake from Booster Juice afterwards! The staff is always so friendly and the food and shakes are fresh and healthy. Thank you for supporting Team Weston! Check them out at www.boosterjuice.com
Thank you to all my sponsors, this is shaping up to be an exciting year!
“Kick-On” riders!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Triumph in Temecula

Three Day Ranch
Show season for Westwood began with a bang! Whitney and working student Hillary took Ted, Thomas, and Lusty to southern California. The first show was at Three Day Ranch in Aguanga, CA. The 20 hour drive was well worth it when Royal Heights and Whitney finished on their dressage score of 27.3, and Hillary on Accelerate WON their maiden event!
The Event Derby at Galway
After success at 3-Day, the team drove to Temecula, CA, where they stayed with Canadian Olympian Hawley Bennett at Kingsway Farm. The very next weekend Galway Downs, just across the street, held one of the “Event Derby Series” competitions. After a dressage test, horses went out to the cross country course to jump natural fences mixed in with water and show jumps. This was a great way for the horses to stay tuned up in between competitions. Both Ted and Thomas finished 2nd in their divisions! Check out Westwood Stable’s youtube page for videos of Ted’s jump round, Thomas’s dressage test, and Lusty’s dressage test.
Buck Davidson Clinic
Rock-On Rose (Lusty) was aching to jump, so Whitney rode her in the Buck clinic at Kingsway. So much fun and so much learned! Snippets of the training sessions on youtube.
Galway Downs International Horse Trials
Last but not least, Ted moved up to Prelim with Whitney at Galway. A good score put the pair tied for 5th after dressage, then a clean and fast ! cross country ride landed them in 1st! The point spread was tight, but wide enough that Whitney and Royal Heights won with a rail in hand. With a great start to the show season, we look forward to a long and successful year!

Team Weston is honored to be working with ECP, Equine Comfort Products, who specialize in Australian Murino Sheepskin. I test rode their “Air Ride” Pad at Galway and was seriously impressed! After running one of the fastest cross country rounds in my level, Ted was not sweaty under his pad at all! Check out their products at www.equinecomfort.com
Bailey Veterinary is returning to support Team Weston for the 2011 season. Check out their excellent care at www.baileyveterinary.com or call them at 541-673-4403!
Thank you to all my sponsors, this is shaping up to be an exciting year!
“Kick-On” riders!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Derby at Galway!

Westwood Show schedule!

What a fun day! Busy with 4 dressage tests and 2 derby rounds. Working student Hillary Lak rode Accelerate (gorgeous grey 4yo, for sale! email westwoodstables@gmail.com) for a stunning 29.1 dressage score (see below video). Ted (Royal Heights) scored a nice 30 to put him in second place.


Then a quick tack change and I was off to ride Lusty. She is a fantastic athlete, but often feels confined in dressage, so we worked on relaxation, thinking happy thoughts ;) Three dressage tests later it was time to get back on Ted for the jumping portion of the derby. The prelim course consisted of hills, water, show jumps, cross country jumps, and even a nice chevron. Ted was strong but good! (I forgot to change to his cross-country bit, so he did the whole thing in a mild snaffle!

Both Accelerate and Royal Heights finished 2nd in their divisions! Way to go Westwood! Buck Davidson is at Kingsway farm today, keep tuned for training videos on Lusty!

Monday, March 21, 2011

California Competition!

   Assistant trainers Carina, Nikki, and Courtney kept Westwood in full swing while and Hillary and I took Ted, Thomas, and Lusty to southern California. The ponies were so patient on the long 19 hour drive! The first show was at Three Day Ranch in Aguanga, CA. The drive there was tricky! The scenery reminded me of the landscape from the roadrunner cartoons, it was that windy and rugged. A 7% downhill, dip, then 7% uphill was the really challenging part with the large horse trailer!

   And what a beautiful cross country course in the middle of the desert! We had to calm ourselves down for dressage day, with Ted scoring a 27.3, and Thomas a 30 in his very first recognized event! Lusty was a bit feisty, but not nearly as much as I expected! It seems all the calm steady dressage work has really helped her mentally.
   The show jumping and cross-country went beautifully, with both Ted and Thomas going clean and finishing on their dressage scores!! Ted finished only 3 points behind first, and Thomas won his very first event!
   We are now settled in Temecula at Kingsway Farm with Hawley Bennett. I am so excited to work with her and Lusty. Lusty has come a long way in her dressage since Hawley saw her last!
This week we will train at Kingsway, possibly go back to gallop at Three-Day, a Derby on Sunday!

Stay tuned for more Team Weston adventures!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Clean Sweep! Westwood News!

If you want to get on the Westwood mailing list, email westwoodstables@gmail.com to request!
Westwood loaded up the big trailer with 4 horses and 3 girls for the long haul up to Yelm, WA. Whitney, Hillary, and Kalina had nice rides the night before the derby acclimating the young horses to the new environment. Thomas and Dena behaved so well when a scary dog barked at them! The derby was beautiful and well attended with an average of 60 rides in each class! The competition fell at the feet of our ponies; Westwood won first, second, and third in the first class! Thank you to Aspen Farms for hosting such a lovely event. We will be heading back to Aspen for the April derby, email Whitney if you want to come!
Clinic Compete Series
At the Area VII annual eventing meeting, Whitney got together with a few Oregon trainers, and came up with a great idea: a series of clinics with the following day holding a competition to practice what was learned at the clinic. This is an affordable opportunity for riders wanting to get into eventing as well as eventers looking to learn more! Come learn the ropes of eventing with Whitney Weston, Karen O’Neal, Devin Robel, and Cricket Dixon. The first CCO has instruction on Dressage and SJ on Saturday followed by a Combined test on Sunday with Whitney and Cricket instructing! Email westwoodstables@gmail.com for more info....entries opening soon!
There has been quite a demand for a fun, informative way for beginning riders to learn more about riding and horse-care. Meet the Westwood Riding School: where beginning riders take weekly lessons and attend a monthly “un-mounted” teaching session. The gentle horses and caring instructors will improve your riding skills, while the unmounted sessions will teach you how to bandage a horse, learn about different feed types, take a horse’s TPR, and more! Take advantage of a fun way to learn about horses with your friends. Email westwoodstables@gmail.com to ask questions and to learn about our “3 lessons for the price of 2” offer!
A Word from Whitney
This is shaping up to be an exciting year! We have new horses coming in, new working students, and Team Weston is soon on the road for competition season. Looking towards the season, I have so many people and horses to be thankful for. I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by positive people who care for their horses and friends. Soon the snow wil be gone and the sun will be here: “Kick-On” riders!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why Clip?

Even though it is still early in the year, it’s time to get ready for show season! That means more riding, more conditioning……and more sweat! This can be trouble for your horse, since his shaggy winter coat can take hours to dry, and the chill from the cold may make your horse sick. Think of wearing a heavy wool sweater in 30 degree weather…..and that sweater is soaking wet? Yikes! I know I would instantly catch a nasty cold.

By giving your horse a snazzy clip job, you will not only keep him more comfortable, but save you time cooling him down after a hard workout.

For horses in light to moderate work, I recommend a trace clip, which shaves the hair off the bottom half of the horse. From the hind legs to under the chin, where most of the sweat gathers. For horses in heavier work, I like to give them a full body clip, which takes care of everything except for the legs, front of the face, and a saddle patch.

You can make the clip look sharp by creating angles at the point of shoulder then angling down the elbow, as well as angling from the stifle down to the area that joins the hind leg to the haunch. For a final touch, create a point above the tail. If you are showing or clinicing before their summer coat comes in, make the most of your clip!

As always, be cautious of a kicking horse, even if clipping is done properly, it can tickle!
Have a friend hold the front leg so that you can clip the arm pit area
Have a friend hold the nose away from you, so that your clippers can smoothly run up the length of the neck.
Try to keep the clipper blades parallel to the horse’s skin. This way they wont feel a poking sensation, and your clip will be more even.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring Training Specials!!

It is almost spring, and whether you are gearing up for the show season, want to start a young horse, or give your horse a more solid foundation before summer, Westwood can help your horse! email westwoodstables@gmail.com to reserve you horse a spot before March 1!

We are offering an AMAZING deal! Instead of the standard $800/month...

Basic Full Training: $350/month!
For 3 months full training and pasture board, Westwood’s caring, talented, and capable Assistant trainers will work with your horse in basic training. Whitney oversees the training process and has daily communication with assistant trainers concerning the horses progress. Whitney personally rides every horse in training weekly to ascertain progress and discuss with assistants on how to proceed with training.

Advanced Full Training: $550/month!
For horses who need more advanced training, Whitney has the years of upper level training and competition experience to do specialized work. Your horse will be in the best hands to accomplish your goals.

If you "like" us on our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Westwood-Stables/144699698921475, and "follow" us on this blog you will receive a complimentary horse evaluation with your training. This includes a written evaluation by Whitney.

Testimonials for Westwood Stables Training Program:
“Whitney did a wonderful job training my Warmblood gelding Knight. She was very professional, I loved the way she worked with him and how he responded to her. If I ever need another horse trained, I will definitely hire her again!” -Karen Souza, client

"...Once my horse was shipped and we began training him, things have progressed more rapidly than I could have ever hoped for. I brought Jester out with very minimal training...and since having him with Whitney he has progressed to jumping clear 2'8" - 3' fences, working on grids, jumping lines, bounces, etc. He is becoming more and more confident, and is such a happy horse! Being at Westwood continues to bring out the best in him...” Shelly Gerritsma, client

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winter hoof care

We have all heard the expression: without the hoof there is not horse, and how true that is! Imagine if you had bruises on the bottom of your own feet, or were walking with rocks in your shoes. Then imagine you were asked to play basketball……ouch!

This is an issue that all horse owners deal with in winter weather: stinky, soft, thrushy, winter hoof! Our horses live the high life, clean stalls full of fresh shavings, with plenty of turnout time. Even so, we have our fair share of winter hoof. This is caused by bacteria buildup within the cleft, heel, sole, bars, and frog areas of the hoof due to a moist environment. The bacteria causes a soft sole which is very painful to walk on, and in more extreme cases, chunks of hoof may fall off, leaving the horse lame.

The best cure is to catch winter hoof early. The main signs are a soggy looking frog and heel, a rank smell coming from the bottom of the hoof, and a soft sole. As the rains begin in the fall, make sure to pick out your horse’s hooves daily to clear out mud and rocks. Check the hardness of the sole of the hoof with hoof testers or a hoofpick. If it seems to give (and especially if the horse pulls back their foot in pain), you need to help your pony pronto!

Since the issue is a wet and bacterial hoof, we must keep the hoof dry and dis-infected. My favorite way to treat the hoof is with diluted bleach and10% bedadine solution. There are many expensive remedies out on the market, but for less extreme and maintenance cases, these liquids are inexpenseive and very effective.

I like to make the solution and put them in everyday spray bottles. This not only keeps the mess down, but is a very effective and quick way to apply the solutions.

  1. Pick out your horse’s hoof well, using a stiff brush (some hoofpicks have one attached on the end) to scrub out the smaller dirt particles from the cleft and bars.
  2. Spray your solution onto the sole, getting as deep into the cleft of the frog and bars as possible
  3. Finish by scrubbing the liquid deep as well.
If your horse needs basic maintenance, alternate liquids and apply every three days. Try to keep the horse in a dry stall with shavings to soak up any moisture from the hooves for part of the day. If your horse has severe thrush, consult your veterinarian for prescription treatments. He will most likely need to be kept in a clean dry stall until his condition improves.

Please post any questions, or if you have any good remedies that have worked for you!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Welcome 2011 Sponsors!
2011 will be a year bigger and better than any! Rock-On Rose, Royal Heights, and Accelerate will join Whitney on the road for a full season. Working students Hillary, Nikki, Courtney, and Carina will also join the competition fun to spread the word of Westwood!

The team is feeling confident after the January Boyd Martin clinic, where he suggested a move to
advanced in the fall. A tall order from Mr. Martin, let’s rise to the challenge! We can only do so with the help of our fantastic sponsors. As show season soon begins, send in your donations early so your name can be added to the banners, put in the newsletter and the all other perks that go along with joining the “Winner’s Circle”! Be strong, be confident, be Westwood!

The ladies and ponies of Westwood posed in a beautiful vintage calendar shoot to benefit the Klamath Falls Humane Society and the 2011 competition season.
Thank you to everyone who contributed and bought one of our

beautiful calendars! Over $1000 was raised. This money will help feed horses that were seized in a neglect case and will help pay for Team Weston’s trip to the Galway Advanced horse trials in November!

Feburary is an exciting time for “helmet-cam”    series    on    the Westwood. We are launching a Westwood youtube page. The mini- Westwood blog, facebook page, camcorder is strapped to the rider’s twitter updates, and youtube videos! helmet, where the viewer will get a From our facebook page you will front row seat to jumping a course, find out on all the latest events and riding x-c, and the beautiful view of specials at the farm. In the westwood from horseback. There Westwood blog, there will be stories, will be a “Lusty-cam” series for our updates, pictures, and educational favorite red mare, and a “baby-cam” lessons in everything from trailering series for the horses in training, the difficult pony, to great jumping which is often more dramatic than exercises! Check out our exciting the high fences!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/WestWoodStables
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/WestwoodStables
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Westwood-Stables/

2011 Team Weston Sponsors
Please feel free to ask me any questions or to request brochures for Team Weston or any of our sponsors. Please help support our Team Weston Sponsors!!! Thank you, Whitney westwoodstables@gmail.com
Olympic Sponsors
Vision, Surgery, and Laser Center
CWD Saddlery
Gold Sponsors
Auburn Labs-APF Pro Supplement
Denise Ashcraft Equine Massage
Cozad Asset Management
Bronze Sponsors
Umpqua Dairy
Shelly Briggs-Loosely

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NEW! Working student position now available!!

Wonderful experience with upper level event rider to train and compete with the best. Full time position, place to stay at the farm (fully furnished, wi-fi, washer/dryer, electrical/heating paid for). Board for horse, lessons for you coaching on other horses, trailering to competitions. email Whitney with any questions: westwoodstables@gmail.com, the show season is starting soon!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome to Westwood Stables!

Hello all! Here you will find all the latest on Westwood Stables and Team Weston. Stay tuned for our special "Helmet-cam" series, where a small camera will be attached to a helmet so you can have a play by play view of what the rider sees on an exciting jumping course!

Follow Team Weston during the 2011 competition season. Whitney Weston is on the Developing riders long list, an exciting time! We will post pictures, stories, and updates!