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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring Training Specials!!

It is almost spring, and whether you are gearing up for the show season, want to start a young horse, or give your horse a more solid foundation before summer, Westwood can help your horse! email westwoodstables@gmail.com to reserve you horse a spot before March 1!

We are offering an AMAZING deal! Instead of the standard $800/month...

Basic Full Training: $350/month!
For 3 months full training and pasture board, Westwood’s caring, talented, and capable Assistant trainers will work with your horse in basic training. Whitney oversees the training process and has daily communication with assistant trainers concerning the horses progress. Whitney personally rides every horse in training weekly to ascertain progress and discuss with assistants on how to proceed with training.

Advanced Full Training: $550/month!
For horses who need more advanced training, Whitney has the years of upper level training and competition experience to do specialized work. Your horse will be in the best hands to accomplish your goals.

If you "like" us on our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Westwood-Stables/144699698921475, and "follow" us on this blog you will receive a complimentary horse evaluation with your training. This includes a written evaluation by Whitney.

Testimonials for Westwood Stables Training Program:
“Whitney did a wonderful job training my Warmblood gelding Knight. She was very professional, I loved the way she worked with him and how he responded to her. If I ever need another horse trained, I will definitely hire her again!” -Karen Souza, client

"...Once my horse was shipped and we began training him, things have progressed more rapidly than I could have ever hoped for. I brought Jester out with very minimal training...and since having him with Whitney he has progressed to jumping clear 2'8" - 3' fences, working on grids, jumping lines, bounces, etc. He is becoming more and more confident, and is such a happy horse! Being at Westwood continues to bring out the best in him...” Shelly Gerritsma, client

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winter hoof care

We have all heard the expression: without the hoof there is not horse, and how true that is! Imagine if you had bruises on the bottom of your own feet, or were walking with rocks in your shoes. Then imagine you were asked to play basketball……ouch!

This is an issue that all horse owners deal with in winter weather: stinky, soft, thrushy, winter hoof! Our horses live the high life, clean stalls full of fresh shavings, with plenty of turnout time. Even so, we have our fair share of winter hoof. This is caused by bacteria buildup within the cleft, heel, sole, bars, and frog areas of the hoof due to a moist environment. The bacteria causes a soft sole which is very painful to walk on, and in more extreme cases, chunks of hoof may fall off, leaving the horse lame.

The best cure is to catch winter hoof early. The main signs are a soggy looking frog and heel, a rank smell coming from the bottom of the hoof, and a soft sole. As the rains begin in the fall, make sure to pick out your horse’s hooves daily to clear out mud and rocks. Check the hardness of the sole of the hoof with hoof testers or a hoofpick. If it seems to give (and especially if the horse pulls back their foot in pain), you need to help your pony pronto!

Since the issue is a wet and bacterial hoof, we must keep the hoof dry and dis-infected. My favorite way to treat the hoof is with diluted bleach and10% bedadine solution. There are many expensive remedies out on the market, but for less extreme and maintenance cases, these liquids are inexpenseive and very effective.

I like to make the solution and put them in everyday spray bottles. This not only keeps the mess down, but is a very effective and quick way to apply the solutions.

  1. Pick out your horse’s hoof well, using a stiff brush (some hoofpicks have one attached on the end) to scrub out the smaller dirt particles from the cleft and bars.
  2. Spray your solution onto the sole, getting as deep into the cleft of the frog and bars as possible
  3. Finish by scrubbing the liquid deep as well.
If your horse needs basic maintenance, alternate liquids and apply every three days. Try to keep the horse in a dry stall with shavings to soak up any moisture from the hooves for part of the day. If your horse has severe thrush, consult your veterinarian for prescription treatments. He will most likely need to be kept in a clean dry stall until his condition improves.

Please post any questions, or if you have any good remedies that have worked for you!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Welcome 2011 Sponsors!
2011 will be a year bigger and better than any! Rock-On Rose, Royal Heights, and Accelerate will join Whitney on the road for a full season. Working students Hillary, Nikki, Courtney, and Carina will also join the competition fun to spread the word of Westwood!

The team is feeling confident after the January Boyd Martin clinic, where he suggested a move to
advanced in the fall. A tall order from Mr. Martin, let’s rise to the challenge! We can only do so with the help of our fantastic sponsors. As show season soon begins, send in your donations early so your name can be added to the banners, put in the newsletter and the all other perks that go along with joining the “Winner’s Circle”! Be strong, be confident, be Westwood!

The ladies and ponies of Westwood posed in a beautiful vintage calendar shoot to benefit the Klamath Falls Humane Society and the 2011 competition season.
Thank you to everyone who contributed and bought one of our

beautiful calendars! Over $1000 was raised. This money will help feed horses that were seized in a neglect case and will help pay for Team Weston’s trip to the Galway Advanced horse trials in November!

Feburary is an exciting time for “helmet-cam”    series    on    the Westwood. We are launching a Westwood youtube page. The mini- Westwood blog, facebook page, camcorder is strapped to the rider’s twitter updates, and youtube videos! helmet, where the viewer will get a From our facebook page you will front row seat to jumping a course, find out on all the latest events and riding x-c, and the beautiful view of specials at the farm. In the westwood from horseback. There Westwood blog, there will be stories, will be a “Lusty-cam” series for our updates, pictures, and educational favorite red mare, and a “baby-cam” lessons in everything from trailering series for the horses in training, the difficult pony, to great jumping which is often more dramatic than exercises! Check out our exciting the high fences!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/WestWoodStables
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/WestwoodStables
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Westwood-Stables/

2011 Team Weston Sponsors
Please feel free to ask me any questions or to request brochures for Team Weston or any of our sponsors. Please help support our Team Weston Sponsors!!! Thank you, Whitney westwoodstables@gmail.com
Olympic Sponsors
Vision, Surgery, and Laser Center
CWD Saddlery
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Auburn Labs-APF Pro Supplement
Denise Ashcraft Equine Massage
Cozad Asset Management
Bronze Sponsors
Umpqua Dairy
Shelly Briggs-Loosely

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NEW! Working student position now available!!

Wonderful experience with upper level event rider to train and compete with the best. Full time position, place to stay at the farm (fully furnished, wi-fi, washer/dryer, electrical/heating paid for). Board for horse, lessons for you coaching on other horses, trailering to competitions. email Whitney with any questions: westwoodstables@gmail.com, the show season is starting soon!!