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Monday, March 28, 2011

Derby at Galway!

Westwood Show schedule!

What a fun day! Busy with 4 dressage tests and 2 derby rounds. Working student Hillary Lak rode Accelerate (gorgeous grey 4yo, for sale! email westwoodstables@gmail.com) for a stunning 29.1 dressage score (see below video). Ted (Royal Heights) scored a nice 30 to put him in second place.


Then a quick tack change and I was off to ride Lusty. She is a fantastic athlete, but often feels confined in dressage, so we worked on relaxation, thinking happy thoughts ;) Three dressage tests later it was time to get back on Ted for the jumping portion of the derby. The prelim course consisted of hills, water, show jumps, cross country jumps, and even a nice chevron. Ted was strong but good! (I forgot to change to his cross-country bit, so he did the whole thing in a mild snaffle!

Both Accelerate and Royal Heights finished 2nd in their divisions! Way to go Westwood! Buck Davidson is at Kingsway farm today, keep tuned for training videos on Lusty!

Monday, March 21, 2011

California Competition!

   Assistant trainers Carina, Nikki, and Courtney kept Westwood in full swing while and Hillary and I took Ted, Thomas, and Lusty to southern California. The ponies were so patient on the long 19 hour drive! The first show was at Three Day Ranch in Aguanga, CA. The drive there was tricky! The scenery reminded me of the landscape from the roadrunner cartoons, it was that windy and rugged. A 7% downhill, dip, then 7% uphill was the really challenging part with the large horse trailer!

   And what a beautiful cross country course in the middle of the desert! We had to calm ourselves down for dressage day, with Ted scoring a 27.3, and Thomas a 30 in his very first recognized event! Lusty was a bit feisty, but not nearly as much as I expected! It seems all the calm steady dressage work has really helped her mentally.
   The show jumping and cross-country went beautifully, with both Ted and Thomas going clean and finishing on their dressage scores!! Ted finished only 3 points behind first, and Thomas won his very first event!
   We are now settled in Temecula at Kingsway Farm with Hawley Bennett. I am so excited to work with her and Lusty. Lusty has come a long way in her dressage since Hawley saw her last!
This week we will train at Kingsway, possibly go back to gallop at Three-Day, a Derby on Sunday!

Stay tuned for more Team Weston adventures!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Clean Sweep! Westwood News!

If you want to get on the Westwood mailing list, email westwoodstables@gmail.com to request!
Westwood loaded up the big trailer with 4 horses and 3 girls for the long haul up to Yelm, WA. Whitney, Hillary, and Kalina had nice rides the night before the derby acclimating the young horses to the new environment. Thomas and Dena behaved so well when a scary dog barked at them! The derby was beautiful and well attended with an average of 60 rides in each class! The competition fell at the feet of our ponies; Westwood won first, second, and third in the first class! Thank you to Aspen Farms for hosting such a lovely event. We will be heading back to Aspen for the April derby, email Whitney if you want to come!
Clinic Compete Series
At the Area VII annual eventing meeting, Whitney got together with a few Oregon trainers, and came up with a great idea: a series of clinics with the following day holding a competition to practice what was learned at the clinic. This is an affordable opportunity for riders wanting to get into eventing as well as eventers looking to learn more! Come learn the ropes of eventing with Whitney Weston, Karen O’Neal, Devin Robel, and Cricket Dixon. The first CCO has instruction on Dressage and SJ on Saturday followed by a Combined test on Sunday with Whitney and Cricket instructing! Email westwoodstables@gmail.com for more info....entries opening soon!
There has been quite a demand for a fun, informative way for beginning riders to learn more about riding and horse-care. Meet the Westwood Riding School: where beginning riders take weekly lessons and attend a monthly “un-mounted” teaching session. The gentle horses and caring instructors will improve your riding skills, while the unmounted sessions will teach you how to bandage a horse, learn about different feed types, take a horse’s TPR, and more! Take advantage of a fun way to learn about horses with your friends. Email westwoodstables@gmail.com to ask questions and to learn about our “3 lessons for the price of 2” offer!
A Word from Whitney
This is shaping up to be an exciting year! We have new horses coming in, new working students, and Team Weston is soon on the road for competition season. Looking towards the season, I have so many people and horses to be thankful for. I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by positive people who care for their horses and friends. Soon the snow wil be gone and the sun will be here: “Kick-On” riders!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why Clip?

Even though it is still early in the year, it’s time to get ready for show season! That means more riding, more conditioning……and more sweat! This can be trouble for your horse, since his shaggy winter coat can take hours to dry, and the chill from the cold may make your horse sick. Think of wearing a heavy wool sweater in 30 degree weather…..and that sweater is soaking wet? Yikes! I know I would instantly catch a nasty cold.

By giving your horse a snazzy clip job, you will not only keep him more comfortable, but save you time cooling him down after a hard workout.

For horses in light to moderate work, I recommend a trace clip, which shaves the hair off the bottom half of the horse. From the hind legs to under the chin, where most of the sweat gathers. For horses in heavier work, I like to give them a full body clip, which takes care of everything except for the legs, front of the face, and a saddle patch.

You can make the clip look sharp by creating angles at the point of shoulder then angling down the elbow, as well as angling from the stifle down to the area that joins the hind leg to the haunch. For a final touch, create a point above the tail. If you are showing or clinicing before their summer coat comes in, make the most of your clip!

As always, be cautious of a kicking horse, even if clipping is done properly, it can tickle!
Have a friend hold the front leg so that you can clip the arm pit area
Have a friend hold the nose away from you, so that your clippers can smoothly run up the length of the neck.
Try to keep the clipper blades parallel to the horse’s skin. This way they wont feel a poking sensation, and your clip will be more even.