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Monday, March 14, 2011

Clean Sweep! Westwood News!

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Westwood loaded up the big trailer with 4 horses and 3 girls for the long haul up to Yelm, WA. Whitney, Hillary, and Kalina had nice rides the night before the derby acclimating the young horses to the new environment. Thomas and Dena behaved so well when a scary dog barked at them! The derby was beautiful and well attended with an average of 60 rides in each class! The competition fell at the feet of our ponies; Westwood won first, second, and third in the first class! Thank you to Aspen Farms for hosting such a lovely event. We will be heading back to Aspen for the April derby, email Whitney if you want to come!
Clinic Compete Series
At the Area VII annual eventing meeting, Whitney got together with a few Oregon trainers, and came up with a great idea: a series of clinics with the following day holding a competition to practice what was learned at the clinic. This is an affordable opportunity for riders wanting to get into eventing as well as eventers looking to learn more! Come learn the ropes of eventing with Whitney Weston, Karen O’Neal, Devin Robel, and Cricket Dixon. The first CCO has instruction on Dressage and SJ on Saturday followed by a Combined test on Sunday with Whitney and Cricket instructing! Email westwoodstables@gmail.com for more info....entries opening soon!
There has been quite a demand for a fun, informative way for beginning riders to learn more about riding and horse-care. Meet the Westwood Riding School: where beginning riders take weekly lessons and attend a monthly “un-mounted” teaching session. The gentle horses and caring instructors will improve your riding skills, while the unmounted sessions will teach you how to bandage a horse, learn about different feed types, take a horse’s TPR, and more! Take advantage of a fun way to learn about horses with your friends. Email westwoodstables@gmail.com to ask questions and to learn about our “3 lessons for the price of 2” offer!
A Word from Whitney
This is shaping up to be an exciting year! We have new horses coming in, new working students, and Team Weston is soon on the road for competition season. Looking towards the season, I have so many people and horses to be thankful for. I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by positive people who care for their horses and friends. Soon the snow wil be gone and the sun will be here: “Kick-On” riders!!

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  1. Congrats on the sweep; what a great preview of a winning season!!! -Norma