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Monday, January 30, 2012

Who needs a hayrack??

Wow, what a week! Training hit full-time with full intensity this week (hence the lack of posts!). Buck pushed the horses and myself; jumping them higher and more technical than ever before. It wasn't comfortable or easy, but man did I learn a lot. For example, a huge group of us went to Longwood to xc school (beautiful facility!). Buck took his horse over ditches, skinnies, large oxars, ditch n walls, through 2 different fields. Then he said "Okay, do that". Alrighty! Fizzy was wonderful, really brave over everything, I was so proud! Then we played "follow the leader" with varying success. Buck took off on his horse and we all followed in a line jumping whatever he jumped. Fizzy was a little confused but seemed to catch on and was having fun. Until the last line! Buck went over some serious fences, quite large I would say intermediate at least. Fizzy did the first one, then stopped at the second. After a circle around she went over it, phew! I thought we were good to quit there, our first competition was this weekend and I wanted it to be a confidence building day. Buck rode over and mentioned that every time he had tried to take it easy on the horses before a competition he had major problems at the show and really regretted not pushing the  horses to confirm they can get over their "issue" fences. I really appreciated that he had taken the moment to talk to me like this, that he had once had the same thoughts i was having, and I was able to learn from him before I made the same mistakes!

The week went by crazy fast, with xc schooling almost everyday (with different horses), thursday I braided lots of horses to help buck out, then we left friday at 430am (ew) for Rocking Horse. Lusty was one of the first rides out at 8:14am. There wasn't the usual time to ride her several times at the show, do the magnetic blanket, and get her relaxed like we normally do. Also Buck was using the "special saddle" on Park Trader a couple rides before me, so I had to use my own which she doesn't like very much. This is the first show I have ever "hauled-in" to instead of getting there several days early (since I was last on the east coast anyway). I wasn't sure how Lusty would react, but we gave it a shot! The weather was also gross, raining, dark, with evil looking clouds overtop the dressage area.


The dream team after dressage
Even so, I tried to keep it chill for Lusty. We did a little warmup, I got off and grazed her by the ring, then took her back to relax at the trailer for 10minutes. 15min before our time I hopped on and we actually had quite a nice test! I certainly will need to work on our walk, but the canter and lateral movements were quite good.

Thanks ECP for the awesome
bell boots!!!
It was still raining when we did Lusty's show jumping a few hours later. The ring was really small, with most of the jumps squished close to the rails, making turns quite tight! Lusty was sooo good, despite the fact I was much to conservative for the height at hand, gathering a few rails, but lesson learned!

I had a few hours, checked out my courses, then fizzy had her dressage test. She was really good, didn't seem to mind the hauling in situation at all.

The next day was even crazier.....
It began on a good note with breaking our hayrack. Apparently from the rain the day before, a large tree above the entrance to rocking horse had a weighted down branch, which slowly took a bar off our hayrack as we strolled through. I was concerned this was a bad omen for the day, but what else could I do but laugh about it???

We had 5 rides on 3 different horses in 4 hours. Fizzy did a stellar show jump round, then a quick change (boots for her, shirt and vest for me) and trotted on down to xc. The course was nice, including an up bank bounce, which she had never done. Buck said to kick and hold on....done! Fizzy was amazing and it all felt so easy, she is certainly ready to move up to prelim in a few weeks ;)

Next was time to focus on Lusty xc. No pressure: only Bruce Davidson, previous owner and legend, following us around the whole course in his golf cart watching every move......No biggie: last xc course before we move up to advanced.....even so, I really tried to focus on being relaxed and in the moment, counting a rhythm throughout the whole course. While schooling with Buck during the week, he had me "keep lusty's ears up when coming to a big galloping fence". This helped me think more about rebalancing slightly in front of the fence, instead of trying to slow her down (which she always fights against anyway). The whole course felt smooth and easy. As per buck's orders, we went slow. I was surprised to find out we only had a few time faults. Buck was talking about riding inside everyones footprints on the course to be faster than everyone else. That combined with taking all galloping fences out of stride, we made good time without really trying. 

Thomas was a good boy, but pretty bored with Novice by now I think. A bit fussy in dressage, and jumped all his show jumps by like 3 feet!

All in all I am super happy with the weekend. My first show out here in ocala was a great success and learning experience, can't wait for more!!!

Jump like you mean it! -WW

Monday, January 23, 2012


Friday was the Derbycross in Wellington. A "mere" 4.5 hour drive south was a bit annoying, but definitely proved worth it. Wellington is the richest looking place I have seen in Florida so far, with crazy estates, polo clubs (polo hall of fame as well), and the beautiful and large horse park. We arrived, and wandered around with our truck, most likely driving on places that we shouldn't have, oops. But we eventually found the large outdoor arena, which had stadium seating, about as big as a football field, jumbotron screen, bank complex, show jumps and xc jumps.

Check out a good recap on: http://eventingnation.com/home/2012/01/jess-montgomerys-pro-derby-x-report.html

We were able to hang "backstage" in the warmup area, which was crazy. Small and busy, with polo players crazily jumping their first cross country jumps, and elite riders refusing to call out their fences, I am so surprised no one got hurt!!!

Though the atmosphere seemed chill and fun, I was amazed and interested to see these top eventers and legends were nervous, competitive, and uptight. I was thinking, "these people have won rolex, gone to the olympics, and have more wins to their names than anything, and I have never seen so many nerves running high in all my life!". One might think it comforting to know that these pros get nerves like everyone else, but I found it disconcerting; that no matter how many olympics you go to, we are competitors and every show will always have these mental challenges.

Also many riders did "typical" mistakes that us students get killed for in our lessons: leaning forward at fences, going for long ones, allowing the horse to get behind the leg. Seeing Bruce have a run-out made me think of the mental game going on as well as the performance game. Everyone is human, we all make mistakes, and will always make mistakes as long as we ride!

It was great to see Phillip and Boyd. Boyd walked by on his horse: "Bloody Whitney! how ar' ya?"
Made my night ;)
Buck did great and ended up MVP for the evening.

We finally made it back home at 2am, ready for the weekend!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

rain rain go away...

Ahhhh. It seems to only rain once a week here, but when it does...well. IT DOES....
I have never been xc schooling so much in a 2 week period in my life, I love it! It gives me a chance to chill out and focus on the ride instead of thinking "XC XC XC!!!"

Wedensday Amy and I were in the barn cleaning the unseeingly endless pile of tack that a sole four horses create when I got a text from Buck's groom, Carly, "Be ready to pull out in 20 minutes with horses tacked, schooling at Longwood". I am a very planning and organized type of person, and this style of touch and go is very foreign to me.

I texted: "ok"
In my head: "AHHHHHHHH!"

20 minutes later I have 2 horses loaded. This is Thomas and Lusty's first time out xc since Galway last November, so I was expecting a bit of frisky. Took a while to get to Longwood (beautiful facility by the way!!! Met the owners, poor things just had a random truck knock over an electrical pole on their property so were dealing with that. Never a dull moment at farms!)

Lusty was fantastic totally in her element, and was very patient when we jumped only some smaller things and worked on flow in the gallop, coming back for technical questions all while keeping her in front of the leg. We did a roll top skinny one stride to a down bank that she particularly had fun with ;)

Thomas was a perfect angel. He was sticky on a couple of fences so I galloped him forward after. Buck said that was the right response, only thing he would change is to gallop forward while turning. Not only does that engage his hind more, but then made it easier to collect after that for the next obstacle. He mentioned that young horses aren't able to collect from a gallop on a straight line yet. I hadnt thought about that but it makes perfect sense! Also, turning as quickly as possible to get to the next fence (especially if it is the same fence again) helps the horse remember what you are working on (instead of randomly cantering a large circle while they focus on something else)

The next day was the rainey day. When I woke up it was beautiful and sunny just like any other ocala morning. That quickly changed. A fog rolled in like I had never seen; it was thick and solid, not touching the ground and expanding upward only as high as a mountain range. Being from oregon, I had to do a double-take. It looked like, honestly, like a solid white mountain range. It got weirder.....the sky then took on a brownish color. I have never seen a brown sky before, even the smoggiest of LA skies did not look like this. The sky was angry....then the rains started.

I was able to ride 2 horses dressage before we planned to leave for Bruce's to XC school. (Lusty btw is doing very well, her top line is growing nicely and she is really liking Buck's saddle). One of the working students informed me that the storm would be hitting a climax around noon, the time we were set to pull out of the farm. Of course. Thunder likely. Lightening likely. I love schooling, but not enough to die over.

By the time we got to Bruce's, luckily the worst of the storm was over, and it ended up being even more beautiful than before the storm. Amy took Atlas schooling on his second time out ever, and I was seriously impressed, wish we could keep him! He was cool, smooth, and honest to his fences, figuring out the terrain quite well!

To catch you up to date, today was pretty chill. I did trot sets on Fizzy, while a friend from Bruce's came over and trot stetted Thomas with me. We hiked up our stirrups to "jockey" height and held our gallop position instead of posting. Great core strength workout! And if that wasn't enough, I galloped lusty on the track 4 miles. We start with twice around the track at a trot, canter 2 times around, switching leads every half circle, trot, change directions, then go at it again the other way. IF we were actually galloping it would have been easier. Instead it was a fairly slow canter, keeping lusty round and connected while I am all the way out the tack was not easy. My triceps are sooo sore. Don't think I have had such a workout in a while!!!

With Lusty all iced and wrapped with sore no more, I am looking forward to tomorrow when we go to the Wellington Derby cross!!! We will leave around 1pm so we can work the horses in the AM, and drive back that night late late late!!!

Jump like you mean it-WW

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Training Day

Hello all, writing from the cozy seat of a "local" starbucks. In ocala local apparently qualifies as 30 plus minutes away (boo). When we come here though, Amy and I often stay a couple hours, get everything done, and post these lovely blogs ;)

Yesterday was jumping day. Everyone jumped, got some cool videos of lusty and thomas, but missed out on Fizzy, who definitely gets the most improved award of the bunch. She has really come into her own these past few weeks, and I am starting to see a real upper level competitor out of her. She's turning into one of my favorite horses to jump!

Lusty was, of course, bored with the "small" fences but polite nonetheless. Though I have still not mastered the art of getting her to calmly stand and wait her turn in the jump school. She insists on wandering around at a generous walk. IF I ask her to hold still, she will bring up a front hoof and manically paw the air without touching the ground (very athletic i might add), or shaking her head in protest. Buck has instated a "Lusty relaxation time". Any day we have a bit of extra time, I take lusty out a second time with tack on and ask her to chill by the ring. No success yet, but i am hopeful ;)

More Bucket ;)

Thomas really has grown up this week as well. Buck really likes him and I am so excited to take him through the levels! We had this complicated gymnastic set up, he faltered the first time, then picked it right up. He is soooo good with his little hind feet i love it!!!
I am bummed to report the vids got erased, but have no fear there will be lots more;)

Going xc schooling today with thomas and lusty should be fun! Also planning on going to the Wellington DerbyCross on friday, I am so excited!!! I have been watching this event for a while and am so excited to attend!!! Maybe next year will get to ride???
Check it out:

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cross Crunchy Day

Our orders: leave the farm at 9:15 sharp. Our neighbor at the barn, Kim generously allowed us to haul 2 of our horses in her trailer instead of having to unhook our "home" from all its water/electricity/pop-out glory. We loaded her two horses, plus Atlas and Fizzy (Thomas seemed a bit put-off that he wasn't going on this mystery adventure). I drove Amy, Kim, myself, and the 4 horses in a convoy with Buck's other two rigs holding eight horses through the windy backroads of Ocala. In about 20 minutes we pulled into the slightly cramped and chaotic parking lot at Bruce Davidson's Ocala farm. The rectangle shaped parking area seemed full already with RVs, trailers, campers, and what seemed to be a carpenter/welders workspace?

I have to say it is a bit intimidating riding while legend Bruce watches from his mount in-between yelling at his own riders (I didn't envy them a bit!) I heard the phrase "you are riding that intermediate horse like a novice pony"......boy he's funny, but ouch.

First up on Fizzy, I was practicing the type of canter we worked on in yesterday's show jump lesson. Buck had Andrea (his girlfriend and great rider) do a long course around the property over many fences I could not see from my vantage point.

Me: "Hm, hope i can find them all!"
Buck: "If its in your way, jump it."
Me: "okay"

I did not get quite the right canter the first time, and petered out over a few jumps, but got through the course of large oxars, mounds, ditches, water, drops, corners, skinnies. Buck said to try it again, but don't protect her so much. She's so good at patting the ground in that last short step, I didn't need to create it for her and set her up so much. But, I also cant lean forward and race her flat at the fences. I still hold the connection upfront, but bend the knees at tap with my heels each step to encourage that realllllly forward gallop (and i mean forward, I usually don't gallop like that unless I am on an intermediate course!). But this way she has plenty of "go" but in an organized and balanced way. The next course was so fantastic, she felt like she COULD go intermediate! I was super thrilled with that ride ;)

Next up atlas, baby's first xc school! He was more than a little confused,  but walked and trotter through the water, was a bit excited with all the galloping horses going by, poor thing. He was doing great over some of the logs, bigger logs, and even some hanging logs.

Buck: "Come jump this log oxar, luckily someone ran into it and its smaller now. Here, we'll be wings"
yeah, so Buck is riding Titanium and parks him alongside this larger oxar while another student does the same on the other side. I was a little concerned my green bean would run into titanium, a very important horse at the moment I might mention, or over buck (also a very important rider at the moment). But Atlas ran on down and jumped it! good pony, phew.

Buck: "Whitney, follow those two horses on a course around the property"
Me: "okay"

Yeah, it all started out well, until we got on a long galloping stretch and Atlas remembered that he had been well trained to....race. Yup, I got run away with for a bit with a little 5yo, it was fun. Amy told me she heard me call out "Atlas, stop it!" from back at the trailer! hahah. Luckily he only galloped away from me for a few strides until we galloped in a few circles to calm him down. I made my way safely back to buck who asked how it went.

Me: "well, he thought he was at the races and took off a bit"

So, my conclusion is that Buck is trying to kill me.

When we rolled back into the farm, arms tired from keeping baby ponies at bay, still having two more horses to work. Luckily, I found a really cute surprise!

Lust bucket looking up sleepily from her beauty nap. I crawled on the hay close to her and she let me pet her, I almost figured out how to take a picture of us together, but she got bored of waiting and got up. It was the cutest thing ever! Thomas was still not pleased that he was left behind, but felt much better after a long trot set.

Jump like you mean it! -W

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Insane crazy day!

First a flat with Thomas, gotta remember to shorten those reins and keep his pole up!!! He felt like a real-live upper level horse for a few strides in the canter, but couldn't hold it together for long. Those few moments were amazing though! All us riders have to live for those moments, because a perfect ride from beginning to end does not happen often ;)

I then ran back to the barn with Thomas to get Lusty for a jump lesson, she was so thrilled to get the short flaps on.
Raised pole, one stride, pole with 7 feet to a large 4 ft oxar! Lusty turned herself inside out to not touch the poles it was amazing. If that's not difficult enough, Buck set up a skinny 4 strides after the oxar VERY close to the fence of the arena. So we either turn or.....run into the fence and learn very quickly to turn earlier. We got through the exercise every time, but lusty was against my hand to the skinny. Buck asked me to hold onto her more with my reins overtop the oxar instead of a relaxed release, and it worked well. She landed listening much better and made the 4 strides really relaxed.

Right after Lusty I jumped on Atlas for a jump lesson. We were in a group with several of Buck's working students, one of them riding Albert, one of Buck's 2 star horses. Might I remind you Atlas has been off the track for 2 months, jumping cross rails. I was slightly concerned....
It took a couple tries to get atlas through the exercise (same as lusty was jumping!) But once he figured it out he jumped it great! He even did a grid which ended in an oxar with 2 barrels standing up on end underneath! Needless to say Atlas grew up in a big way today. In Buck's words "Can't just flat these young ones forever, or you never get that 'come to jesus moment you just had'" Im very proud, and he is very exhausted ;)

After a marathon jumping session, I had one more left to jump: Fizzy! We started with some lengthen canter on a circle, me sitting slightly more in the saddle (just barely touching) than usual, with short reins, and knees bending each step to tap her sides with my heel. This asked her to canter forward and take the contact. We then collected, still tapping with heels, to energize her hind legs without letting her stall out behind. We started jumping the same exercise as the other two, getting her very close to the pole in front of the large oxar, then using that tapping heel to get her off the ground quicker. She was just amazing, I have never felt her jump so well! She jumped so big over one I was not sure I would come down the other side of the jump in the saddle or on the ground! This way of riding her is working so well I can't wait to see how Fizzy likes it.....


That all folks, laundry and gin n tonics call!
Jump like you mean it-W

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Weather :(

Boo! The perfect 80's we had been experiencing were not present today. During the night the winds were so great they woke me up (not hard to do since I am sleeping in the goose neck of our trailer). I was worried about the ponies so I ran out to check on them at 2am. Of course they were fine, happily sleeping, not running around in panic and hurting themselves.

In the morning, first thing we heard was weather advisory's/storms/high winds...."Buck up! It rains all the time in the northwest!" right?......not so much. My first clue that storms were not handled lightly in Ocala was that none of Buck's horses were turned out. none. Usually when I wake up ponies are snickering and munching quietly. Instead the many paddocks were empty like a ghost town. We went about our usual business feeding, cleaning, then riding. During Thomas's jump lesson (superstar!) it was pouring and Buck warned me about the dangers of lightening in such a flat area, recounting stories of roofs being blown off, and finishing with comforting words "well, if its your time to go, its your time to go". oh boy....

Luckily the weather was quite nice for dressage lessons. Today we tried an experiment with Lusty. Buck told me about one of his top horses who got so tense in the dressage, but went quite nicely when in a jump saddle. So he had amerigo make him a saddle with a jump seat, with dressage flaps. I tried it out today: not only was lusty quiet, but perfectly forward and relaxed! Either we got lucky today, or she really likes the saddle. Oh boy, I did not budget for a new saddle.....

Jump like you mean it! -W

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And It Begins.....

Wow. All I can say is...wow. After today I KNOW we made the right decision to come all the way across the country to train with Buck. Today I did a little flatwork and jumping on each of the horses for Buck so we could make a plan for each of them. I was a little nervous at first when I awoke, but then calmed myself down and thought "He's not judging me or my training, but assessing where things are and where we need to go". That put me in the right place mentally. Amy was so excited she couldn't sleep last night!

The first horse I rode for Buck was Thomas.
Above is a pic of him (this was him last july at Rebecca farms, 4th in YEH 4yo). Thomas has been my pet project for almost 3 years. I bought him as a 2yo off the track. I saw him buck and gallop on a longeline (in a video) and that's all i needed to see. Since then I have been cultivating his mind and body, teaching him about his new job. So far, he seems to really love eventing.

Buck was riding a new import named Sean while he watched Thomas do some flatwork. After some lengthenings and transitions, Buck approved: "He's really cute". I asked about his slight paddle on the LF, Buck didn't think it was a big deal (yesssss, insert arm pump). Next for some jumping. The weather had been horrible back in Oregon before we left, and we had not jumped in a couple weeks, (uhoh). I looked for a comforting plain brown vertical for a warmup fence. We found none. Oh well, here goes! The smallest jump was a vertical with "scary" black barrel underneath. Thomas sauntered on up to it and jumped about 4 feet over, just in case it bites...After he determined the jump was safe, he came around again and jumped more like a normal horse should. We then continued to jump some striped verticals on an angle, then a vertical, 4 strides, double quarter round, 3 strides, vertical with barrels underneath. He was perfect! Not an eye blink, in perfect rhythm. We finished with another combo: vertical 2 stride vertical one stride vertical 5 stride to a liverpool with oxar over. SUCH a good boy
Buck: "He's a cute jumper, I like him" with an approving nod, yahoo ;)

As for me, I need to remember: keep thumbs rotated up, reins short, elbows in front of my body(and intowards my body) and moving with horse, and stand taller in the irons. Keep Thomas moving forward to take the hand, keep his poll up.

Then I jumped off Thomas and on Fizzy. We went through the same routine. Buck has known Fizzy for a while, so he knew she was a nice mover. We jumped the same course as Thomas doing very well. Buck: "She will be a fun project. We need to build her confidence. She's a good jumper but she doesn't know it."

Me: So I have to keep my leg quite well on just infront of the fence and hold on to her up front in the bridle, then send her on after fence. This will teach her to jump better and higher over even the lower fences. Buck mentioned if I give my hands in front of the jump, much like giving the reins to a green horse in the dressage ring: they wander around and fall out of rhythm forward, not having the confidence/stability to do without rider, and much like to have the comfort of someone there.

Next was the new project Atlas. Buck really liked his canter, asked if he had won races on the track, hehe.
Trying to warmup over the black barrel, Atlas prided himself on saving me from the wall I was trying to run him into (AKA....the warmup fence) Once he figured out that big thing was, indeed, a jump, it was pretty smooth sailing from there on out. He also jumped the large double quarter rounds 4 strides to vertical, such a good boy! I had no idea little Atlas was ready to do that, but took so well to the challenge!

Then...piece de resistance....Lusty dressage lesson! I learned so much I most likely can't post it all here. Buck was happy with our progress from the last time he saw her, and we tried some new techniques.

Lusty began trotting her usual excited, erratic "I hate dressage wouldn't you rather gallop?" warmup trot. (it didn't help that there were horses on the track galloping literally 75feet from us). Buck had me actually post taller and plop in the saddle on my sit beat. so odd, years of training had taught me not to do that! By doing this, he said, will show her when/how to bring her back up underneath the saddle as well as get her more used to seat movement. I fully expected her to be pissed off and kick out/take off, but after the first "plop" she twitched her ears back to me in question, then miraculously, relaxed! It was freakish, like magic!

Also, when she gets tense, Buck had me post faster, (again, something one should traditionally not do if their horse is getting quicker already), but it worked very well, because my seat was not telling her to do the opposite of what she wanted. She is so opinionated, I think she was confused that I was agreeing, "yes, lets go quicker" that she actually just relaxed instead of speeding up!

So at this point we had a relaxed stretchy trot, wow. That usually takes 45 minutes to obtain!
Lastly and most difficult of all, Buck had us counter canter a circle around him, and spiral in making the circle smaller, all the while LENGTHENING THE CANTER....yikes! Lusty already enjoys her changes far too much, I was concerned she would switch at a moments notice. What actually happened was this encouraged her outside hind leg (in counter canter this is the inside hind leg) to activate and work extra hard, so that when we moved out of the circle back to the true lead changing directions, that inside hind reached forward in a way I have not felt with her before, it was magical!

Besides these new fantastic exercises Buck again encouraged me to keep my thumbs up. By keeping my knuckles up, Lusty feels pulling rather than elastic connection to my hands, so she fights. Also, when asking me to slow down, he had me use my outside hand and outside thigh. Very simple, yet specific requests made all the difference, and Lusty had a fantastic and productive workout.

Well, internet time's up at Starbucks, back to feed the ponies, they deserve carrots today!!
jump like you mean it!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Me giving lusty her morning pep talk "have a nice day off lusty, training begns tomorrow!" (Cue Rocky theme song.....)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunny Beautiful Ocala

We made it to temecula in 16 hrs, a team weston record! Only mishaps along the way to include barely finding a deisel station in time (5mpg left) and the water jug compartment stuck closed (so we had to use bathroom faucets 2 fill up buckets!). But from there it was smooth sailing. with only 2 stops to sleep during the day and drive through the night, Amy and I hauled the ponies (Lusty, Thomas, Fizzy, and Atlas) across the southern united states to arrive in sunny ocala late thursday. Since then we have been organizing our stalls/tackroom/feedroom on Buck Davidson's beautiful 600 acre farm. Lusty just looooves trot sets outside
in the sandy footing with so much to see! Though Fizzy has been slightly concerned with a large tractor and round hay bales, quite scary.....

I helped out Buck at the Ocala horse trials yesterday after getting lost for 1.5 hrs there to meet him, oopsies.
Fantastic to get a preview of an event where I will be competing next month.

What I am most excited and anxious for is on Tuesday, I have asked Buck to take a look at my string (of horses) and get his opinion on which he thinks I should keep and promote, and which should be resale. I love them all so much, but these beasties are way too expensive to keep around unless they can be aimed at the upper levels. I'm eating top-raman as it is, not sure if I can get the horses on that diet!!! :)

The competition plan is as follows:
Atlas will do his first event at the Longwood one day unrecognized on the 22nd. I have him entered at BN, so we will need to get in a couple jumps schools at Bruce Davidson's farm before-hand. Don't want to scare the poor little thing too much!

Then Fizzy, Thomas, and Lusty will compete at Rocking horse the last weekend of Jan at Training, Novice, and Intermediate, respectively. This is what they competed at  Galway the end of season last year and they were very good with it, so it will be a great way to start the year off with confidence, shake off the dust and be ready to move up in FEB. this means....gulp.....ADVANCED for lusty and me. I am still taking it one step at a time and will see how she goes at rocking horse, but needless to say i am SO EXCITED!

Well, that catches everyone up to date, stay tuned for more excitement, drama, and dreams!
JUMP LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!! love you all, whitney

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Go East Young Women!

Wow, great new years celebration last night in Roseburg! For some reason I woke up at 7am today! yikes! Either way, Amy and I are heading to CALI at 1pm this afternoon with Lusty, Thomas, Fizzy, and Atlas. We are sooo excited! Should arrive in Temecula by 7am tomorrow morning, then head out east tomorrow evening. We are planning to stop overnight twice, once in El Paso Texas and then again in Sunset Louisiana. This is Atlas's first trip out of the NW, hopefully he will look to his big brothers and sisters for reassurance! Keep posted, much to follow and...