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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunny Beautiful Ocala

We made it to temecula in 16 hrs, a team weston record! Only mishaps along the way to include barely finding a deisel station in time (5mpg left) and the water jug compartment stuck closed (so we had to use bathroom faucets 2 fill up buckets!). But from there it was smooth sailing. with only 2 stops to sleep during the day and drive through the night, Amy and I hauled the ponies (Lusty, Thomas, Fizzy, and Atlas) across the southern united states to arrive in sunny ocala late thursday. Since then we have been organizing our stalls/tackroom/feedroom on Buck Davidson's beautiful 600 acre farm. Lusty just looooves trot sets outside
in the sandy footing with so much to see! Though Fizzy has been slightly concerned with a large tractor and round hay bales, quite scary.....

I helped out Buck at the Ocala horse trials yesterday after getting lost for 1.5 hrs there to meet him, oopsies.
Fantastic to get a preview of an event where I will be competing next month.

What I am most excited and anxious for is on Tuesday, I have asked Buck to take a look at my string (of horses) and get his opinion on which he thinks I should keep and promote, and which should be resale. I love them all so much, but these beasties are way too expensive to keep around unless they can be aimed at the upper levels. I'm eating top-raman as it is, not sure if I can get the horses on that diet!!! :)

The competition plan is as follows:
Atlas will do his first event at the Longwood one day unrecognized on the 22nd. I have him entered at BN, so we will need to get in a couple jumps schools at Bruce Davidson's farm before-hand. Don't want to scare the poor little thing too much!

Then Fizzy, Thomas, and Lusty will compete at Rocking horse the last weekend of Jan at Training, Novice, and Intermediate, respectively. This is what they competed at  Galway the end of season last year and they were very good with it, so it will be a great way to start the year off with confidence, shake off the dust and be ready to move up in FEB. this means....gulp.....ADVANCED for lusty and me. I am still taking it one step at a time and will see how she goes at rocking horse, but needless to say i am SO EXCITED!

Well, that catches everyone up to date, stay tuned for more excitement, drama, and dreams!
JUMP LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!! love you all, whitney

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