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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Training Day

Hello all, writing from the cozy seat of a "local" starbucks. In ocala local apparently qualifies as 30 plus minutes away (boo). When we come here though, Amy and I often stay a couple hours, get everything done, and post these lovely blogs ;)

Yesterday was jumping day. Everyone jumped, got some cool videos of lusty and thomas, but missed out on Fizzy, who definitely gets the most improved award of the bunch. She has really come into her own these past few weeks, and I am starting to see a real upper level competitor out of her. She's turning into one of my favorite horses to jump!

Lusty was, of course, bored with the "small" fences but polite nonetheless. Though I have still not mastered the art of getting her to calmly stand and wait her turn in the jump school. She insists on wandering around at a generous walk. IF I ask her to hold still, she will bring up a front hoof and manically paw the air without touching the ground (very athletic i might add), or shaking her head in protest. Buck has instated a "Lusty relaxation time". Any day we have a bit of extra time, I take lusty out a second time with tack on and ask her to chill by the ring. No success yet, but i am hopeful ;)

More Bucket ;)

Thomas really has grown up this week as well. Buck really likes him and I am so excited to take him through the levels! We had this complicated gymnastic set up, he faltered the first time, then picked it right up. He is soooo good with his little hind feet i love it!!!
I am bummed to report the vids got erased, but have no fear there will be lots more;)

Going xc schooling today with thomas and lusty should be fun! Also planning on going to the Wellington DerbyCross on friday, I am so excited!!! I have been watching this event for a while and am so excited to attend!!! Maybe next year will get to ride???
Check it out:


  1. If the grass were better I'd say let her pick grass or have somebody hand feed her grass between gos, but the grass doesn't look very appealing.

    The second time through the top in and out was much better!