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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Weather :(

Boo! The perfect 80's we had been experiencing were not present today. During the night the winds were so great they woke me up (not hard to do since I am sleeping in the goose neck of our trailer). I was worried about the ponies so I ran out to check on them at 2am. Of course they were fine, happily sleeping, not running around in panic and hurting themselves.

In the morning, first thing we heard was weather advisory's/storms/high winds...."Buck up! It rains all the time in the northwest!" right?......not so much. My first clue that storms were not handled lightly in Ocala was that none of Buck's horses were turned out. none. Usually when I wake up ponies are snickering and munching quietly. Instead the many paddocks were empty like a ghost town. We went about our usual business feeding, cleaning, then riding. During Thomas's jump lesson (superstar!) it was pouring and Buck warned me about the dangers of lightening in such a flat area, recounting stories of roofs being blown off, and finishing with comforting words "well, if its your time to go, its your time to go". oh boy....

Luckily the weather was quite nice for dressage lessons. Today we tried an experiment with Lusty. Buck told me about one of his top horses who got so tense in the dressage, but went quite nicely when in a jump saddle. So he had amerigo make him a saddle with a jump seat, with dressage flaps. I tried it out today: not only was lusty quiet, but perfectly forward and relaxed! Either we got lucky today, or she really likes the saddle. Oh boy, I did not budget for a new saddle.....

Jump like you mean it! -W


  1. Way to go Whitney! I'm loving following your progress and all the things you are learning! Wishing you well, love Lisa & Dublin

  2. Thanks Lisa! I hope you and Dubs are well! Miss you all!