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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Competition Numero Dos

This weekend was a bit lighter at Ocala Horse Trials with only Fizzy and Thomas. They both moved up a division with Fizzy in Prelim and Thomas in training! This was a real test to see if all our hard and intense work these past few weeks were sticking. No joke, being sore is a natural state now for me!

Fizzy put in a solid dressage. We have been working ever day with her connection from the hind legs to the bridle (ahhh age-old quandary). We were able to get the connection through most of the test with only a couple of over-zealous moments finishing with a 33 or so. Lusty was brought along for "show-relaxation-acclimation" time. She actually was excellent working well in a busy warmup doing her dressage duties like a pro. Then for fizzy show jumping. It was a fairly challenging course with plenty of shiny scary things to look at. Because we hauled in to the show, the jumping was already underway and left no time for walking (another first for me, I have never jumped a prelim course without walking first). Never mind, counted how many strides other riders were doing, watched how turns were riding. Fizzy warmed up well, with my goal focusing on using my leg every stride and not taking back with hands, yadda yadda. We certainly met our goals, albeit just a midge too quick, and tapped 2 rails. Fizzy was really excellent and jumping smoothly like a pro. Next time don't need so much oomph and will keep the rails up!

Saturday: Amid many a wardrobe change, (Dressage whites for Thomas, then XC gear for Fizzy, then Show jump kit for Thomas!), the real test of the day was Fizzy's xc course. It was very challenging, especially for a move up course. Lots of questions and max fences. But no worries, Fizzy was a superstar ;) Really bold and solid for all the technical things as well. I had so much fun!!! Thomas was a bit fussy in the dressage, not scoring his best, but was quite a good boy in the show jumping.

Thomas was the only ride sunday morning, we were finished by 830 with plenty of time to head back to the farm and ride the rest of the horses! I love being able to compete while still working the non compete horses all in the same day. I was most proud of Thomas and how bold he was in his first training xc.

This week marked the one month anniversary training with BDJ! I love everyone here and the program is certainly working, I am so excited to see what gems next month will bring!!!

Jump like you mean it!

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