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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


That's what we've been 'doin!! Monday was awesome. Lusty and Fizzy had a jog up with the famous Dr. Furlong. Both were perfect, passed! phew! Ready for a long healthy season!

Yesterday Thomas and Fizzy went xc schooling. Fizzy not only conquered her "enemy fence" (the tall brush), but Thomas jumped crazy cool stuff. He did: bounces, up and down, coffins, etc etc. Buck said approvingly "big day for him eh?". oh yeah. go thomas! He played with the big intermediate boys, I am so proud ;)

Today Baby Atlas had the big learning session! He jumped a liverpool for the first time and several combinations, with turning questions...whoa. As always, Buck asked more than I thought possible for him, but he rose to the challenge.

Buck: "He'll be alright, your horse..."
again in an approving tone, guess no sale truck for you today Atlas!

Man I had no idea riding a 3 ft course on a green course could be so exhausting, so I will head to bed now and leave you with my blog on bruce davidson's site that made it to Eventing Nation along with a video someone posted!!!



Jump like you mean it!!!

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