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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight, APF!!

Lusty and I getting ready for Advanced at Red Hills! Thank you APF!

What makes Lusty so shiny, beautiful, and perfect? APF! Supplements certainly do wonders for the body and mind, and Lusty shows the benefits. APF stands for Advanced Protection Formula. This daily supplement is easy to give in grain, and supports their muscle, immune, and cardiovascular systems to name a few.

"APF's broad protective benefits support your horse's natural ability to "adapt" to stress. These unique nutrients guard against the damaging effects of stress through every stage of your horse's life -- beginning with the developing musculo-skeletal and immune systems of the foal to the geriatric needs of the senior equine companion."

We ask so much of our amazing animals, I want to make sure I do everything to make them feel their best and ready for the job!

Please call or email me for orders that arrive fast! westwoodstables@gmail.com/541-784-8403
For more info you are always welcome to ask me any questions, or check out their site at:


Jump like you mean it!

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