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Saturday, May 19, 2012

We are crazy horse gypsies....

Thomas being fabulous last year as a 4yo
Yes its true. I was reminded of our interesting lifestyle (which has become to feel completely natural by the way. I no longer batt an eye at not having time to find a laundry mat, seek out internet, or running out of propane and taking cold showers....the list goes on) during our competition today. I took Baby Thomas to his last training level event before moving up to prelim (yay!). On grounds I thought I was going crazy and asked several people if they heard bagpipes playing. Thankfully, others were hearing it too. Just across the hill from us a scottish festival was happening.

"What crazy people!", I thought, "What compels seemingly normal citizens to dress in kilts and blow into a carpet bag all day for fun?" Then I was reminded, "oh riiiiiight. We hop on horse's backs in tight pants to jump things at fast speeds for fun." Well to each his own I suppose!!

A slightly less flattering photo of Thomas. Check out Team Weston's Facebook page
 to see him galloping and grunting in his dreams here
Annnnyway. Apologies for the absence from updates. Below I will outline my basic travel schedule in the past few weeks and you will understand why!

-pack up barn in Ocala, FL
-Drive to Kentucky, watch Rolex for one week
-Drive to Bruce Davidson's farm, train for one week to compete at MD horse trials, stay overnight
in Maryland
-Pick up handsome husband who flew in from Afghanistan on 2 weeks leave!
-Drive back to Bruce's.
-Train some more then go to Jersey Fresh to compete in CIC3*
-Relinquish "HH"to the airport once again :(
-Drive to Buck Davidson's in Riegelsville, PA
-a few days later compete at Fairhill International
-Still living out of trailer!
Lust-Bucket looking fabulous
Archive Beak: Me as an 8yo competing on my horse Thunder! 

So. Besides sifting through my dirty laundry pile for the cleanest pieces like a scavenging raccoon,
I am loving the new farm! It is beautiful here and love love loving all the opportunities to compete only a few hours away from home.

Quick competition updates:
Lusty knawing happily on her stall guard before Jersey CIC3* Dressage
Lusty has been fab, getting to a point where we can push for a little more in the dressage. The good news: The "Red Dragon" is now calm enough in the ring where we will be able to have a short warmup without (hopefully, knock on wood) getting too amped up in the ring. As of now we have been mounting at the stables and heading right into the ring. I am becoming more confident at the advanced/3* level xc, and we are both getting smoother in the show jumping. We get more practice at Bromont CIC3* in a few weeks, can't wait!

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