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Friday, November 30, 2012

Caution: Emotional!!!

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry to have been so absent in my updates on the season. I wanted to take this time at the end of season to update you on everything, and my distance……My dear Thomas (Accelerate) passed unexpectedly at the end of August and I have been grieving the loss. It was very very sad, and has taken me quite a while to deal with the pain of losing such a wonderful young horse. He contracted Potomac fever and was gone within 24 hours. I brought him along off the track at the age of 2 and he showed such promise moving up to prelim at the age of 5 this summer. I will never forget this amazing horse who was the sweetest and most playful animal I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Thomas at Rebecca Farms last year as a 4yo

This tragedy along with some other injuries of my top horses at the same time brought such a blow to a place deep within me that I have never accessed before. Tenacity has always been my motto and with Buck's urgings I soldiered on and continued to compete and train until I was not able to any more. While I am still working through some of the questions that all horse owners ask in these situations, (why did this happen, how could I have prevented any of this, what is the meaning of it all, should I keep going?), I know this has not beaten me, that I will take this month off to (finally) take a honeymoon with my wonderful and supportive husband luke, and come back a renewed person, with vigor and hunger and strength. I remind myself that this year has been an amazing year of learning and discovery: I moved up to Advanced with Rock On Rose (Lusty), completed 3 CIC***, and qualified for my CCI***. My horse Gin Fizz (Fizzy) moved from a place of being tentative at training level to a fierce competitor at Intermediate. I brought my OTTB from novice to placing at prelim with hopes for the upper levels as the "real thing", and found a new partner in Shining North Star (Simon) who will aim to move up to Advanced next year. 

Lusty and I at Bromont CIC***

I look forward to next year: to trying harder, reaching deeper, going farther. My goal is to qualify at CCI*** and give a shot at Rolex with Lusty, get Simon to a CCI** by end of spring then move up to advanced finishing the year with fair hill CCI***, and Fizzy doing a CCI** then as well. I will be an assistant trainer for Olympian Ronald Zabala and ride as many horses as possible for the hours in the saddle. 

Fizzy and I enjoying a chat during
one of our lessons with Buck

Some might say that I am crazy to go at this again, some might admire the effort. All I can say is that I am doing what I love, what I feel that my life is meant for, and what I essentially MUST do. I have one life and by god I am going to try to do this to the best of my abilities, and remain a good and centered person by the end of it. I have so many wonderful people supporting me; my amazing family, coach (Buck) and new husband have been behind me through all this craziness and for that I am eternally grateful. So many of my media followers, friends from home, and people in the horse world have provided so much love and because of all of you I am truly blessed and fortunate. I thank you and hope that when you need it, I can return that love and support. 

Jump like you mean it,

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  1. Love you. Sorry so many of the last year's events have been sad ones. Keep looking and moving forward...