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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ocala Again!!!

I am so excited to return to Ocala, the birthplace of my east coast adventure!!! It was so nice to eat at my favorite local spot, the Horse and Hound and have the hostess greet me with "Well hello miss Whitney so nice to have you back!"

The horses are sound and healthy, chomping at the bit to get back into work (pun intended...yuk yuk yuk). I also saw Bruce again when he came over to Buck's to look at the new horses. He tousled my hair in greeting, like a puppy I loved the pat! It seems I am always in awe of the presence of the great Bruce Davidson Sr ;)

Enough chit chat, down to the fun media stuff: I recently did a promo video for ECP (Equine Comfort Products) for their amazing new Eventer Pad! Check it out below:

Also new and fun.....drumroll please....
2013 Sponsor Packet!!!!!

This document can be mailed to you hard copy in a beautiful folder with more info from the American Horse Trials foundation, just email me at wweventing@gmail.com and I am happy to oblige!

Jump like you mean it!!