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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And training begins....

Happy January! After a month or so of trot sets, then going home for the holidays, I arrived back at Buck's Ocala farm with only a few days until the first competition of the year. With one show jump school under our belt that week, we felt a little rusty going into a prelim event that acted as our first cross country school! Simon, my cross country machine, did not disappoint and flounced around the course like a ballerina.

Photo: My odd little redhead who licks the dripping faucet even though he has beautiful full buckets in stall...
Simon, although excelling in his job as an event horse, causes me to doubt his survival skills when licking faucets instead of drinking out of his full and fresh water buckets....


It's true and heaven help us.....but I am so so excited for these boys! Both horses came from famous grand prix jumper, Aaron Vale's farm:

Photo: Adorable elvis ready for sj
Elvis is an 11yo Holsteiner who has done 4'6" jumpers and is now enjoying the luxurious life of an event pony. The goal is to do a one star this spring!

Photo: Cutest little coco nut ever! !!
Coco Nut: While not the most glamorous picture, I couldn't resist the cuteness!!
Photo: The perfect lust-bucket
Lusty is not amused or concerned by the presence of these new "annoying" additions to the team. She will continue to be fabulous and adorable. All other horses are "soooooo beneath her" ;)

Developments at home: I am still living in my horse trailer, but have incorporated two pink flamingos and a lawn gnome. My ultimate goal is to have a mini white picket fence and shrubbery...

This is a quick update much much more to come!!!

Jump like you mean it!

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