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Monday, March 11, 2013

March Madness!

WOWZA. a Whirlwind of 6 competitions later, I FINALLY have found Internet solace at McDonalds whilst the great white Ford receives a well deserved oil change.

SO....instead of repeating all the amazing details and interesting antidotes I post daily on my facebook page (follow me at: https://www.facebook.com/whitney.weston.3 for a full fix) I will post some pics and highlights of the past month. Needless to say winter training has been amazing, inspiring, and the most challenging time of my life!

Just kidding......
Simon montage via Cynthia Lawler at Rocking Horse OI
Rocking Horse has been an amazing place to practice our craft before venturing out into the highly competitive FEI divisions. Although it seems alot more challenging than I remember from last year!
What an honor to make it into Red Hills magazine! The Lust-Bucket last year in the Advanced
Elvis learning the ropes: how to be a winning event horse! He has been doing great at training level and makes his preliminary debut in a few weeks!
One of my favorite signs at Red Hills
More amazing pics from Rocking Horse!
Simon at Red Hills CIC*, so excited we are now qualified for CIC** in a few weeks!
Red Hills was the first FEI international of the year. It did not disappoint with a huge crowd of 50,000 spectators, trade fair, huge atmosphere, security guards...the works. I am still wearing the wristband that allowed us into the stable area. I was so proud of Simon taking on that kind of excitement and going to work like a gentleman. The announcer said "watch these horses in the CIC* division, in four years you will be sure to see their names on teams competing for their countries". What an inspiration! No pressure Simon! I also learned that Simon and I make it onto the Tallahassee news the next day....have to get my hands on that tape!

Jump like you mean it,

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